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Not all brokerages are the same.  At Red Key Real Estate we bring our expertise and knowledge while customizing the experience to your unique needs.  Let’s find that dream home that has eluded you for years or begin taking the first steps towards financial independence. The key you have been looking for is only one phone call away.   Kevin Schaben 402-630-9957

The neighborhoods you want right at your fingertips

The neighborhoods you want right at your fingertips

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Kevin Schaben

Kevin Schaben


Red Key Real Estate 

Red Key Real Estate is a full service Real Estate agency and Property management company in Omaha, Ne.  In order to find great success in today’s real estate market, it’s important to choose the right team, to maximize the results on the sale or purchase of a property.  Whether you want to buy a house, rent for income, sell your home, find residential or commercial investment properties, or even purchase with the intent to rehab and sell for a profit Red Key Real Estate is your answer.


Family Business

Family Business

Family owned and operated

How to become a Real Estate Agent in Nebraska

How to become a Real Estate Agent in Nebraska I became a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Nebraska back in 2003 and it was one of the best things I ever did.  When I look back at the time I remember being excited and overwhelmed at the same time.  It’s...

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Rental property expectations

When a property is first purchased and ready for rent, pictures will be taken, we determine what price to ask for rent each month and we advertise the property on several websites. When someone gets on the website and searches for a property in Omaha for...

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Reading your insurance hail claim

Reading property Insurance claims This is a very difficult subject even if it is written in Chinese.  Normal people who don’t deal with insurance claims go through the report with the insurance agent to help them understand the process.  I will do my best. On June 29...

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Popular Omaha Neighborhoods

Popular Omaha Neighborhoods Wondering about the most popular neighborhoods in Omaha?  The five below are considered some of the most desirable neighborhoods in Omaha Nebraska 1)Regency Regency is a neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. The neighborhood features gardens,...

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奥马哈地产投资常见问题解析 首先,我们要感谢群里所有地主和正在关注奥马哈地产投资的朋友。我们非常期待与您的合作,同时也非常感谢已经和我们合作过的所有客户对我们的支持。我们一直在努力改善工作细节来更好的服务客户的需求。 我想通过我写的这篇文章来和大家分享一下关于租赁过程中的一些基本信息。当大家对房地产投资有了充分的理解之后,这会对我们未来的沟通合作非常有帮助。...

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财产保险 保险理赔程序复杂,一般要由保险代理来和客户解释正在进行的理赔程序,在这里我们尽力对目前还在国内的客户说明帮助大家理解。 以下内容是之前Joy在微信群里发过关于发生‘’冰雹损坏房屋后申请保险理赔‘’的内容...

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Real Estate Sales and Property Management
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Red Key Real Estate provides services ranging from residential real estate, real estate investments and property management including rentals.